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Eating and enjoying…..


 Eating and enjoying……

a good friend of mine just left for China. He will stay there for about three weeks. He went to China roundabout 1985 when the country still was so different to nowadays. He remembers and told us how Beijing looked like without so many cars, just bicycles, busses and some taxis. No paved road to the airport andsoon. From those days he went there for so many times that he perhaps can´t count the stays there any more.

We listened to him and his stories while enjoying some wonderful Chinese food. ………I know food from so many countries BUT not this lovely food.  I love to eat AND to enjoy the meals AND to be togther with my family or good friends or interesting people. To eat slowly, to appreciate each bit helps to feel nourished not only by food but by flavour, taste, ordinary smells and exotic flavours. To get nourished by that feels like to be there where the meal was cooked. Feels like flying to the place where the smell and flavour were born some day, some year, some century.

And I feel the need to meet the people who have prepared this and who know all about the mystique stories or fary tales. Mystique insofar as I sometimes ask myself how it could happen that this or that dish or meal could be born, whereever in this world.—Mystique because noone will answer the question how this or that flavour could find an entrance to this world.—And mystique because it fits so well the flavour and our ability to smell and to taste.

Tasting and smelling all this and meeting friendly people let the past joins the present and both invite us for the future. Eating is so essential.

Now I understand my friend when he sent us a message just some hours before leaving with the comment: now I know what I have missed so much.

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