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cowardice or humility

cowardice or humility

yesterday there was election in one big state of Germany. Interesting in so far as in contrast to many other eöections we had a clear winner and a clear looser. Not the result struck my mind, not the winner or looser impressed me, but one little side phenomenon.

Some shade behind the spoken words.

Both politicians were asked about the importance of the politician as a person, not as representative of a special programm or party. Both answered the same way:………………

 when adressed personally with the words: “in how far was the result connected with you as a person”, both tried to hide behind the party´s role and the importance of the party´s content which they represented.

When asked about the other´s role in the play, about the importance of the counterpart which he had played, both addressed the politician as a person.

It was him!

It was her!

No doubt, it was instantly clear that the person was meant. Not the party.

And I asked myself: why do both politians not dare to open up as a person right away from the beginning when adressed as a person? Is it cowardice or humility? Is it incompetence? Are they afraid to  meet the voter on a personal level? Is it so difficult to look into the voter´s  eyes and to take responsiblity?

And by that show up as a person? A person who is ever so glad having won the game. Or ever so sad or disappointed having lost the game.

People, the voter and media adress the politician as a person. They vote for the person. And they want to be seen and respected by the politician as a person.

It is no longer the question if the politician as a person playes a role. It is the question how the politician playes his role.





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