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Another smile in life….

Another smile in life….

 ………creates and establishes connection among people.

On Sunday,  as a young boy, after church we went to my grandparents` house. It was a ritual, an unspoken proof of family life, when we went there to meet with my grandparents for dinner. My grandfather sitting behind his huge desktop in the living room. In former times this was not unusual. He was not working on Sunday. But this place seemed to be his throne of importance. Smiling he adressed us with some jokes, often he presented us some funny game to play, before we went to the table ready laid.

Meanwhile my grandma and my mother had been busy in the kitchen. The attractive smell of the special Sunday roast had filled the house. —-I will never forget us sitting at this appealing table: white table cloth, plate for the soup, plate for the meat and potatoes, small bowl for the desert, the shining silverware, crystal glass for the whine or water.

Of course one little grace, while our eyes already had proofed whatever was prepared. I will never forget my grandpa with his table cloth like napkin stuck behind his slightly opened tie. He always seemed to smile. He was THE smile at the table. He could smile while eating. He smiled even if there was some conflict being brought up on a sudden. He still smiled when he had spilled the fatty sauce on the table cloth or on his trousers.—You probably can imagine my grandma looking ever so angry, she was very different to my grandpa. It seemed as if my grandpa had not realised this at all.

It seemed as if he had never realised my grandma being so embittered. He smiled. His face represented the smile of life for me.

We went there every Sunday. It was a wonderful ritual. What would had happened, I often asked myself, if I had to miss this ritual at all. Miss this wonderful smile in my life.

Now, being quite a bit older, I am convinced of the existencial importance of such rituals. The importance of all those different eating-rituals.

And the importance of smile in life. The connected smile in life.



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