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Another field of bridging between cultures

Another field of bridging between cultures

Yesterday I talked about the obvious fields of transference and bridging. There’s another powerful field of transference namely: The very personal experience of each us, which all of us experience as western and eastern people. I think of one´s own experience in childhood and in the here and now. Besides cultural and social influences there is a very personal development of each person in his family. It is the very specific way someone is related to his mother, to his father, his brothers and sisters. To all his family.

By that experience the cultural and social influences are so to say broken down…………………. into the emotional and psychic level of personality and identity. This process always is unique and a single, thus specific, process. A process where cultural and social surroundings influence the family life of a specific person. And family relationship functions as a bridge between society and the person.

By that each of us incorporate  an interplay, a mélange of nonverbal impact, personality and behavior patterns. This characterizes the personal habit, integrates this habit into the cultural surroundings and shows how the person experiences the world, relationship and communication. This also offers the chance to get a glimpse, to get an idea of how the person will/can act, react under stress in order to survive.

Each of us has built up his own very typical survival pattern. Especially under stress this survival pattern comes to the foreground and can be seen. Stress in this case can mean negative stress e.g. when you’re in a crisis or when you ‘re in a deep conflict. This can also mean positive stress as if you’re in a state of being in love or excited in the moment of marrying the person you love and you want to live this.

This field of experience, this field of transference and bridging is not so easy to understand and to address to.When talking about Intercultural communication and integration people mostly look at the social and the cultural influences, rituals or specific differences. And do not so respectfully look at each person. Each person as part of a social group, as part of some cultural living.



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