Body-language and nonverbal communication

mysterious look in the face

mysterious look in the face

Often we in Germany think that it is very difficult to see any facial expression in a Chinese face. All faces seem to look the same. Therefore we don´t have a good emotional orientation how to address this person, how to communicate and what to expect from this person. But to have such an emotional orientation is useful and of course necessary for contact and communicating. And for understanding each other.

On the other hand we in Germany often think…………………… that you can read like in an open book when you look into the other´s face. We are convinced soon to get a good impression of the other´s mood, feeling and wish wether to communicate or not. We like this because it helps us to rely on what the other says and shows.

Well, I often asked a Chinese about this experience- They felt astonished about the German point of view. Of course, they said, we show expression and feeling.

And smiled gently and / or knowing.

Well to be honest, I believe and can´t lose my impression of there is till something mysterious in the air.

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