Body-language and nonverbal communication

It began like this…….

It began like this:

I had left home for a congress, for four days. My wife, my daughter and my son had said goodbye. We all were a little sad because of some troubles at home. After I had arrived at the place where the congress took place, I phoned my family. My two children hadn´t yet realized well enough that I would be away for four days. So my daughter asked me: how do you feel, Dad. Whereas my son asked me: where are you, Dad.

Both had asked for the same.

Both wanted to know how I felt.

But both did it in a different, and very personal way.

And it was good so.

My lesson learnt in those days was the following: we are very different in words, in bodily expression and in culture. But we are related to each other in a very personal way.

So how to meet each other then? To meet each other: curiously like children do? passionately like explorer do? professionally like respectful people do? sensibly like loving people do and respectfully like friends do?

Getting familiar with this confidence I learnt to understand the deep richness of non-verbal expression and communication. As well as the necessity to address people from other cultures especially on this level:

  • In their everyday life,
  • On the relationship level,
  • In case there is support needed in whatever way,
  • In psychology and psychotherapy,
  • In the field of dance, theatre, music, art,
  • Being abroad somewhere in a foreign country and culture,
  • In business.

Now I start this blog, as a collective blog. I hope that you also are interested in this life issue and that this blog will catch your interest.

So please join if you like with a comment or a question or a special link or photo. And tell your friends or colleges if you feel so.





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