Body-language and nonverbal communication

Inspired by the way how Chinese move….

.Inspired by the way how Chinese move….

……………….well it feels like starting to write an article and sitting in front of the blanc sheet of paper. In mind every word is already prepared but it has to be written down.

I started this group because I came into contact with some Chinese and experienced them moving in a different way than many Germans do. Or nonverbally communicating in a way I did not feel familiar with, though the relationship was friendly and open enough. I became interested in what happened and of course how to respond. —– 

I also visited a very interesting……………….. congress of the German-Chinese academy of psychotherapy DCAP on the issue “body and psyche” last year. There among other things I became convinced about the importance of the body approach in the Chinese culture. Also I was told that Chinese professionals want to understand better their personal and professional behaviour, the way they live relationship and communication. At the same time they want to make things happen, without too much talking and reflecting.

In this way I felt implicitely addressed as body psychotherapist, because we work with people to understand more about temselves and to make things happen right now, in the here and now.

………thinking and talking about these things, among others of course, there grew up my idea to communicate about these aspects with others.

……..well and I am curious to listen to you and your experience about the role of the body in the Chinese culture and social life.

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