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Infants make more attempts to achieve a goal when they see adults persist

Persistence, above and beyond IQ, is associated with long-term academic outcomes. To look at the effect of adult models on infants’ persistence, we conducted an experiment in which 15-month-olds were assigned to one of three conditions: an Effort condition in which ……

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Transference….just have a look

Transference (German: Übertragung) is a very useful word from psychoanalysis which describes the process whereby we react to situations in the present according to a pattern laid down in the past, usually in childhood. Getting to know our own particular transferences is part of becoming a sane adult…..

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Our Dark Side: A History of Perversion

Where does perversion begin? Who is perverse? Ever since the word first appeared in the Middle Ages, anyone who delights in evil and in the destruction of the self or others has been described as ‘perverse’. But while the experience of perversion is universal, every era has seen it and dealt with it in its own way.

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Five models of believe

There are basic believes in psychoanalysis or psychology which are obvious to most of the People who do not know anything about psychology. Jst have a look:

1. A word’s meaning is not absolutely fixed but varies according to its use. Each person has had a unique ‘language history’ and use for any particular word such as ‘blue’, so the meaning that any one word or phrase has for them is often unique. But there is a special kind of exception:……..

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Stress: It’s Not in Your Head, it’s in Your Nervous System

Have you ever been told when you’re stressed to stop worrying and just relax? That it’s all in your head? It would be nice if it were that simple. But it’s not.

Physiology research shows that the stress response memory lives in your nervous system. Take for example exposure to a stressful event. One in which you felt helpless, hopeless, and lacked control. In this case your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is engaged. This is the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling unconscious bodily actions like breathing. To be more specific, it was……

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Strange “Psychoanalysis” comics from the 1950s ~ Free Online!

“Psychoanalysis was a short-lived comic book published by Entertaining Comics (EC) in 1955, the fifth title in its New Direction line. The bi-monthly comic was published by William Gaines and edited by Al Feldstein. Psychoanalysis was approved by the Comics Code Authority, but newsstands were reluctant to display it. It lasted a total of four issues before being canceled along with EC’s other New Direction comics.

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Why Teens Are Impulsive

Teens can’t control impulses and make rapid, smart decisions like adults can — but why?

Research into how the human brain development helps explain. In a teenager, the frontal lobe of the brain, which controls decision-making, is built but not fully insulated — so signals move slowly.

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Feminism in China

Understated and outnumbered, China’s feminists move and evolve in hostile environment. They discuss gender equality at universities, at women’s NGOs in the big cities, in artistic circles and online, where they spread the word and mobilise other women for the cause. These grassroots NGOs are the most active with campaigners often stepping out into public spaces to raise awareness and fight against discrimination and abuse. In the past couple of years, activists have rallied to “occupy male toilets”, have protested against sexual harassment in the subway and against violence on women outside government buildings.

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Women and love in China

An intimate portrait women of different generations in Beijing today who discover their sexuality and are immersed in a personal struggle to take control of their lives in a rapidly-changing society dogged by tradition. The film concentrates on two main characters: the older Xiao (50) who was widowed several years ago and is currently trying to create a new life for herself, and the 32-year-old writer Wen Wen. She is what is officially known as a ‘leftover’, a term used in China since 2007 for single, childless women over 27. They are considered a social problem because, despite the fact that many are highly educated and attractive, today’s Chinese males fear their strength and intellect. Sexual psychologist Hongli Zhen, an expert on recent developments in Chinese society provides commentary and context. She gives sex workshops that encourage women –including our main characters – to see their sexuality differently, and use techniques that make them happy. Hongli is our guide through the world of today’s China’s sexual revolution.

Really worth watching and sharing with friends. If you cannot open from China please let me know. I will help you to see the film. 🙂

English trailer:

The German-Chinese Version:


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There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.



老师带领大家练习身体语言感知 摄于2017.05




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