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Knowing is knowing not to know

When I went to India for the first time 1976 I wanted to explore the country, to get accustomed to the people and the culture. As people in India speak English it was quite easy for me to communicate. By doing this my interest grew to learn more about what happens in society, in politics and in rural life.

By talking I of course also tried to let the other know what my knowledge of …………..

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Angela Merkel´s body language video-

All media write, talk and comment about Angela Merkel´s politics and behavior coping with the crisis. She polarizes whenever she talks about her political behavior, decisions and strategy. One side of the media reaction agrees, the other one disagrees completely. Some months ago many voices argued about her leadership. Those voices mirrored the opinion that she was not a leader at all.

Well she is a leader.

Well she shows this since ……………………

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The Power of Emotion

there is an interesting talkshow today on tv. The issue “The power of emotions” is discussed from different points of view. My part is to illustrate the issue related to emotions in politics. The talkshow can be seen via th following link for about another week.

click on West ART talkshow

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cowardice or humility

yesterday there was election in one big state of Germany. Interesting in so far as in contrast to many other eöections we had a clear winner and a clear looser. Not the result struck my mind, not the winner or looser impressed me, but one little side phenomenon.

Some shade behind the spoken words.

Both politicians were asked about the importance of the politician as a person, not as representative of a special programm or party. Both answered the same way:………………

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