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Music Training Improves…….

In western sudies scientists are convinced that learning is directly supported by movement. The more you move the better you can learn. The more you move the easier people enjoy what they do in the process of learning. So: to sit still or to behave in a rigid way by moving “properly” or too much controlled is oppposed to learning, enjoying. Being able to learn and to inhale what you have learnt is the base of sustainebility. And sustainebility is an important aspect of respecting life. Resspecting life means in this case to respect people.

The hypothesis that music training can improve verbal memory was tested in children. The results showed that children with music training demonstrated better verbal but not visual memory than did their counterparts without such training. When these children were followed up after a year, those who had begun or continued music training demonstrated significant verbal memory improvement. Students who discontinued the training did not show ………………….

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More relevant factors of psychotherapy in China

Family (fealty) and the one-child policy: Family has always been strong in China and from an early age, family loyalty is seen as crucial to survival in the future, as one generation relies on the next for support in old age or infirmity. The one-child policy has dramatically affected the Chinese people’s experience and the lives of families. Under the one-child policy there comes an increased insecurity amongst the elderly and the young alike. Parents put enormous pressure on this one child from an early age to conform to educational expectations, moral responsibility, and the work ethic. In the past, maybe five or six children would have shared the burden, but today that is no longer true; single children feel the increasing need to make a success of life in order to care for their parents later. Cousins become brothers and sisters, which is an adaptive social support, but they cannot share the parental burden as each has their own.

The one-child rule is not rigid: one can have more than one child, but the state only recognises the first child as the recipient of state benefits and schooling freedom. Additional children become a financial burden to the parents. Girls are not appreciated in the family in the same way ………………

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The body does not cry….

Young Chinese students dope themselves to get a good exam, I read today and was shocked. Middle school says the students are injecting amino acids to replace energy. Which the students needed to prepare well for the exams “gao kao”.


Going to school is truly very exhausting, the students say. We get up every day at 8:30 am, coming home at 10:30 pm at night.

On the one hand one could talk about the school system and the relevance to what learning means and how learning functions. On the other hand I would say something about what is happening to the body and the inner self of the students when they they do so……………………..

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