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How do different people interpret nonverbal communication

Let’s say that you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language. You didn’t have time to pick up a dictionary or a book of common phrases, so you’ll have to get around using only hand gestures. At a restaurant, you try to indicate which dishes you’d like by nodding or giving the server a thumbs-up, but all you get is the opposite of what you wanted and an offended look. No one will look you in the eye, and ………….

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Two political giants? – a really brief look on Obama and Romney –

Well last night millions of people worldwide watched the duell between Obama and Romney on TV. Lots of opinions and comments being written within the last few hours.

Looking at one of the typical photoes enables to find an own position towards all those comments. Let me try a very brief look on the two politicians, just judging this one photo. Let`s have a look at their habits. I am not interested in details. I know about this special perspective and the possible comments on this. Nevertheless, I don`t want to tell you a so called truth, or another truth among all those others truths in the www. No I just want to invite you ……………

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Primate vocalization, gesture……..

A good friend of mine is an expert in monkey and ape communication. Here are the results of some her studies. It is interesting how important the nonverbal communication is for the social life, for working together and for survival. And there are quite a lot parrellels to human communication. So have a look and get an impression. And enjoy:

“the performance of the language is multimodal, not confined to speech. Review of monkey and ape communication show ………..

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Chinese number gestures

we do it in a different way. And we in western countries are used to it. So just try how the Chinese do it. Try to count with your fingers and you will see and feel how strange it feels to do a gesture in a slightly different way as you did before. Gestures are part of the body so to say. Gestures are part of me as a person. They are part of a long process of experience. Of course they are learnt gestures. But after being inhaled, so to say incorporated they are part of me. And it feels as some kind of natural gesture.

Enjoy yourself by trying these gestures. Try it again tomorrow. Try it again next week. It will take quite a long time until you have inhaled them. And you will get this feeling of some newly established incorporated natural ffeling of your body.

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Definition of gesture

gesture is a main topic of body language. it tells us stories about the person himeslf AND at the same time is the beginning of nonverbal communication. More about the definition of gesture…………..see the following definition via the link

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Fotografic body-language







At least in Germany body-language is a very popular issue. People often think that you can analyse someone very quickly in order to know what to do and how to behave. Or in order to be prepared about the others acting and behaving.

But there is a big misunderstanding about body-language and body-reading. Far too often body-language is regarded to be useful under the photographic perspective.

This means:

If you look at someone, see his actual gesture that this gesture always has the same meaning and when you can identify this gesture and the meaning that you know what it’s all about.

But this can be true but it has not have to be true. This photographic kind of body reading seems to be popular because it misleads to a, I will call it, instant body-reading.

Body-language has to be of course regarded, and I hope you will agree to this, under various perspectives. At least it is always as I told you about some weeks ago, expression of the other and my own impression as observer. And of course result of the specific culture.

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Gesture is a main topic of body language. It tells us stories about the person himself AND at the same time it is the beginning of nonverbal communication. More about the definition of gesture…………..see the following definition

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