Body-language and nonverbal communication


High increase of HIV infection in China

There’s a high increase in HIV and AIDS-Infection in China. The UN says that it’s ten times higher than in other countries.

In China there’s a slight development and opening towards sexual diversity and yet there’s very, very little sex education in this field. Especially children and young people aren’t informed enough about the dangerous of sexual development, opening and sexual diversity.

There are about 800.000 – 1.500.000 people ……….

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Kids challenge Trump

Trump is elected president in the US. You can argue a lot about this. But sometimes its just helpful and convincing to see how children reacted to this election. In Germany we say that children tell the truth. If interested just have a look and listen to your children when you are not sure about what has happened or when you want to get innocent and true feedback.

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一个民粹主义者的肢体语言与行为模式  12.11.2016

对唐纳德. 特朗普着迷的追随者就像是反对者那样多-不仅通过他的言论,还能通过他的表情和手势体现。一些人推崇他膨胀的存在感,另一些人则把他看作一个舞台上的喜剧演员。肢体语言专家乌尔里希. 索罗曼先生通过新总统的手势为您解读真正涵义。


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Struggling is learning

Helping students to “learn how to learn” is crucial for understanding and becoming a life-long learner. To discover how aware students are of their thinking at different ages, it is necessary and really helpful to build “cultures of thinking.” The theory behind is that if educators can make thinking more visible, and help students develop routines around thinking, then their thinking about everything will deepen.

One example of this for this is the Harvard Medical School, where …….

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Bionenergetics in China

Bioenergetics or Bioenergetic Analysis is a body psychotherapy school. Based on psychoanalysis and humanistic psychology bioenergetic therapists also refer directly to the body. Via the link you can get more Information about it.  The link also refers to my book on Body language nd nonverbal communication which is translated into Chinese now. If you have questions to the bioenergetics in China just let me know and I will help you. 🙂


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On the bridge of death and life

Every day, Chen Si rides his scooter around on a bridge over the Yangtze River trying to stop potential suicides. During the past 10 years, he has saved more than 200 desperate people, many of whom come from rural areas. Some of them talk with rare candor about the problems they thought they could no longer face. It’s striking that ….

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Accuracy of men’s perceptions of women’s sexual interest

Do men know or sense or realize if a woman is interested in them? The clear answer is, mostly NOT.

This study and many other ones have proven the same thing. Men put more weight to physical looks than women do while women put more weight to personality and resources than men do. But dont really understand or better to say cannot really read the body language of women.

Researchers from Iowa University found out that:

“183 undergraduate males judged the sexual interest of women in full-body photographs; the women varied along sexual interest, clothing style, and attractiveness dimensions. Half of the participants received feedback on their ratings. In a related transfer task, participants indicated whether women in photographs would respond positively to a sexual advance. History of sexual aggression and rape-supportive attitudes were assessed. Results: Participants relied substantially on both affective and nonaffective cues when judging women’s sexual interest. High-risk men relied less on affect and more on attractiveness. Feedback enhanced focus on women’s affective cues and decreased focus on nonaffective cues for both low-risk and high-risk men. Feedback affected transfer performance indirectly, via altered cue usage in the training task. Conclusions: The current work documents high-risk men’s altered focus on women’s affective and nonaffective cues and provides encouraging support for the potential use of a cognitive-training paradigm to enhance men’s perceptions of women’s sexual-interest cues, albeit to a lesser degree for high-risk men. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)”

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Education and passion

How about learning in the future? There will be new models of learning by which the next generation of children will learn to participate in the world. More and more experts say that passion-projects are the best way to learn.


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What do ghosts feel?

It is widely known and accepted that people are afraid of ghosts. But what do ghosts themselves feel? Are they sad that they died? Do they enjoy scaring us? The field of ghost emotions (also known as “adfectuspirituality” or “psychological heebiejeebism”) is arguably one of the fastest growing disciplines in psychology today.

The science of ghost emotions dates back to Charles Darwin, who proposed that certain emotions were passed down from the living to the dead through evolution ………..

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Stop your autopilot

Turn off your inner auto-pilot, do something different and see what happens.

Why do some people succeed at change while others fail? It’s the way they think! Liminal thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping, and reframing beliefs. What beliefs are stopping you right now?

You have a choice. You can create the world you want or live in a world created by others. If you are ready to stop making excuses and start making changes, read on.



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